Firematic Vehicle Fire Suppression System

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Introduction into the Firematic System

The Firematic Vehicle system is a pre-engineered Dry Powder, foam and combo fire suppression systems offering complete automatic fire detection & suppression. The Dry Powder system can be complimented with a Liquid System to reduce the risk of reigniting. The system employs specifically designed valve and nozzle technology to provide excellent fire protection performance for On Road & Off Road vehicles. The Firematic Vehicle Fire Suppression System can be fitted at the manufacturers or at your site by our trained staff. We can offer fully automatic or manually operated systems which are easily checked by your operators and our fully trained staff will provide training for them on site or in classroom situation. Firematic VFSS can offer an after sales and emergency call out service which is second to none. Our systems can be serviced and recharged on site by our trained staff from our fully equipped vehicles, which are essentially self contained workshops. Firematic has been designed to cut down servicing time. At Firematic we understand the working environment of vehicle and plant which are in such areas as landfill, quarrying, forestry and agriculture. With this in mind we have developed a fixed fire protection system which will operate in the earliest stages of fire and help to protect the parts of the vehicle or machine which are inaccessible to a hand held extinguisher. We are totally committed to quality as we have been for the last 20 years. Firematic Vehicle fire suppression systems are designed to give you peace of mind, we are aware that insurance may help to replace your vehicle or item of plant, but our hazard analysis, our commitment to quality and our individually designed system will provide the maximum cover to minimise your damage, shorten down time and protect lives.

Applications Of Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

The Firematic Vehicle system is a versatile fire suppression system for Class A, B & C fires all of which are extremely commonplace in this
These can present themselves as a spray fire (burst hydraulic hose), pool fire (collection of diesel from a fuel line), short circuit (faulty/
damaged wiring loom) and/or fuel leakage (Faulty connections dripping oil on to a hot surface). All these fire conditions are covered by
the Firematic vehicle fire suppression systems.
All systems can be easily scaled up or down to suit the large range of Vehicles.

Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems for wheel loaders

Wheel Loaders


Bus & Coaches Cranes

Airport Tugs

Telescopic Handlers

Forestry Machines

Haulage Trucks


Mining Equipment



Benefits Of Fitting Firematic Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

No Electrical Power Needed

The majority of systems on the market rely on a constant source of power to detect and activate the system. At Firematic through over 20 years of experience we know that relying on a constant supply of electricity on mobile equipment for detection and activation is not ideal.

Many systems on the market fail to detect and activate due to loss of power to the control panel, relying on the operator to activate the system.
The Firematic system is constantly in automatic mode regardless of the power method of the machine.

Suppression Method

Dry Powder is an outstanding fire suppression agent due to its rapid fire knock down capabilities and its ability to tackle hidden fires that liquid systems may not be able to reach. Firematic’s Dry Powder provides a large suppression area due to its particle size, it can quickly cause a fire to expend its energy heating up the particles and therefore provide a “cooling effect”. The Dry Powder will also provide chemical inhibition, reacting with the radical and arrest the chemical combustion process. Combined with the superior layering and barrier effect Dry Powder is the agent of choice for vehicle fire protection.

Firematic Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems Components

Firematic Tubing

Firematic uses Firematic Tubing to activate system that is immune to gas, oil, dirt, vibration and extreme temperature, yet is reliable enough to avoid false discharges.


Gauges are visible on all Firematic systems allowing for easy identification and readiness of fire system on pre-start.

Pressure Tanks

Stored pressure tanks are installed with sizes ranging from 5kg – 50kg allowing less complications than a multi tank system, no compaction of powder on Firematic system as it is a stored pressure system and not a cartridge operated system.

Manual Actuators

Manual actuators are installed in cab for easy activation for operator. Actuators are not activated by striking hard on actuator knowbs, but activated by only turning a switch, thus ensuring operator activates system under panic of fire.

Firematic Hoses

Firematic hoses are clearly marked and are red in colour for easy identification.

Firematic Schematic Layout

Firematic Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems Demonstration

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