A Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly Soil Amendment That Is Essential For Efficiency

Firematic is the sole importers and distributors for of all GelTech Solutions products. This includes the full range of Soil2O® water retention products.

What is Soil2O®?

Soil2O is a super-absorbent water retaining powder that easily mixes with water, offers no risk of plant burn and can be applied with all spray equipment. The specially formulated fine particle blend has an anti-caking characteristic that achieves a unique balance between gel blocking and swell-ability. When applied according to directions, Soil2O will remain effective for up to 90 days.
The Soil2O range of products was developed and created to supply a cost-effective solutions of dust suppression, erosion control and efficient and healthy plant growth with water conservation as the main objective.

"Soil2O is non-toxic and safe for children and pets."

Soil2O® Applications By Industry

Agriculture, Turf & Timber

Safe for kids, pets, and the environment.

Compatible with all types of soil and vegetation.

As water supply becomes more and more scarce, it is critical to save water wherever we can. Agricultural industries have always relied on irrigation and precipitation for water supply. Soil2O will supercharge and enhance the water to last up to twice as long. This will not only help to save water by reducing the need for watering, but also reduce the costs of irrigation and watering.

Reduce Irrigation Needs

Reduce Evapotranspiration

Reduce Plant Shock

Compatible with Fertilizers


Reduce Leaching

Dust Control

Cost Effective

Ease of Use


What ever you are currently using for your dust suppression applications, be it water, industrial salts or any other chemicals Soil2O is more effective, cheaper, eco-friendly and non-corrosive.

Cut your costs in half!


Coal Ash


Solar & Wind Farms


Gravel Runways

Rural Roads & Yards

Horse Arenas

Equestrian Trails

Mines & Haul Roads

Homeowner & Consumer

Home lawn and Garden Care

EPA Compliant

Ease of Use

Wide Range of Applications

• Reduces water usage by up to 50%.
• Retains water and nutrients at the root level.
• Easy to apply.
• Lasts all season long.
• Safe for children and pets.

With many cities and towns affected by water restrictions, Soil2O is a must to keep your lawn and garden green while using less water. The highly effective polymer in Soil2O retains up to 400 times its weight in water…
This promotes plant growth in hot and dry conditions and keep your lawn and garden green for longer, while needing around half the normal amount of water.

For more info regarding the full range of Soil2O® products, please contact us, or visit the Soil2O® website.
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