The Most Efficient & Effective Fire Suppression, Prevention and Thermal Protection Chemicals and Equipment On The Market
Firematic is the sole importers and distributors for of all GelTech Solutions products. This includes the full range of FireIce® fire suppression and prevention products.

What is FireIce®?

FireIce® is polymere powder, that when mixed with creates a fire suppression gel in an instant.
This gel, when in contact with any burning substance, suffocates the fire by forming a protective barrier over the surface. In addition, it rapidly cools down the material.
Due to these properties of FireIce®, it saves not only water, but greatly limits the damage done to property in the case of a fire.

FireIce® has changed to face of firefighting!

How Does FireIce® Work?

FireIce® breaks the fire triangle by creating an oxygen barrier. It remains effective at extremely high temperatures and can last for up to 48 hours, can be easily rehydrated, has excellent adhesion on virtually all surfaces, including vertical surfaces, and instantly cools. FireIce® isn’t the only thing you’ll ever need, but it offers some unique benefits to first responders in emergency situations, when every second counts.

FireIce® Applications By Industry



Eco-friendly & Easy to Clean

FireIce® does not present any danger to humans, animals, plants or aquifers. The eco-friendly gel is easily cleaned by just rinsing it with water.

Suppression and Prevention

A range of fires across a broad range of conditions can be suppressed with FireIce®. It can be used for more than just suppression of fires, FireIce® is excellent in preventing fires to start in the first place, making perfect for use on hot and flammable working environments.

Effective & Efficient

FireIce® prevents the advancement of fires, radically limits the production of steam, suppress harmful and toxic vapours, cools the fire’s fuel in almost an instant and preventing the fires from rekindling.

Enhanced Protection

FireIce® allows first responders and emergency personnel to deploy quickly, and its faster knock- downs mean less time is spent on the scene.

Reduced Collateral Damage

FireIce® encapsulates and creates a safety barrier around the fire source, thereby containing the hazard, reducing collateral damage from a spreading fire, and preserving vital forensic evidence.

Uses Existing Equipment

By integrating with first responders’ and other emergency personnel’s standard equipment and with its long shelf life, FireIce® is easy to add to your fire fighting arsenal.

For more info regarding the full range of FireIce® products, please contact us, or visit the FireIce® website.

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