Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

The Firematic Vehicle system is a pre-engineered Dry Powder, foam and combo fire suppression systems offering complete automatic fire detection & suppression.


for On Road & Off Road vehicles

The Dry Powder system can be complimented with a Liquid System to reduce the risk of reigniting. The system employs specifically designed valve and nozzle technology to provide excellent fire protection performance for On Road & Off Road vehicles.


and emergency call out service

Firematic VFSS can offer an after sales and emergency call out service which is second to none. Our systems can be serviced and recharged on site by our trained staff from our fully equipped vehicles, which are essentially self contained workshops.

An important after servicing is essential. We highly recommend that services take place every 3 months on a regular basis, thus ensuring full operation of the suppression system and protecting the assets of the company and maintaining a high business relation with the client.


no batch testing is done

The Firematic range is manufactured locally, no batch testing is done as the cylinders are tested individually, ensuring that all is in order. Firematic vehicle fire suppression systems detect and suppress fire before it has time to cause fatal injury upon the operator, down time as well as severe damage to machinery.

Why choose us

At Firematic we understand the working environment of vehicle and plant which are in such areas as landfill, quarrying, forestry and agriculture. With this in mind we have developed a fixed fire protection system which will operate in the earliest stages of fire and help to protect the parts of the vehicle or machine which are inaccessible to a hand held extinguisher.

We are totally committed to quality as we have been for the last 20 years.